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Pause Repayments

There are times when a holiday from your mortgage repayments would really help. Repayment Pause is a feature on eligible home loans where you can apply to reduce or stop repayments for an approved period.

Apply for Repayment Pause during leave from the workforce

If you have an eligible home loan and are facing a legitimate period of leave from the workforce, you can apply for a Repayment Pause. For example, you may want a Repayment Pause during maternity leave or for travel. It’s also possible to apply for a Repayment Pause if you’re ahead of your home loan repayment schedule.

You can choose to pause your home loan repayments entirely, or just reduce them.

There are 2 types of Repayment Pause available:

  • Repayments fully paused
  • Repayments reduced to a requested amount.

You will need to have had your home loan for 12 months to be eligible for a Repayment Pause.

All Repayment Pause requests are subject to Bank approval. Normally the timeframe for a Repayment Pause is for 3-12 months. Not all loan types are eligible, so please check your Terms and Conditions booklet or call us on 13 33 30.


If approved, you will need to pay a fee of $500 per request. 

How to apply

Talk to an expert
Speak to one of our home loan experts on 13 33 30 to learn about ways that we can help you manage your finances, including applying for a Repayment Pause.
Visit a branch
You can also drop by a St.George branch to apply.

Important information

The information on our website is prepared without knowing your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on this or any advice, please consider if it’s right for you. If you need help, call 13 33 30.